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Calamity x Lariatt, Twiggy -

Me and mace have been filming stuff together since he started the calamity cam YouTube page years ago but at the start of the year we really started getting more stuff and by February we thought we may have enough for some kind of edit I guess?Things were looking bleak at the end of last year, not just for me but for everyone. No one really knew what was going on with the pandemic in this country and there seemed to be no end in sight.It really hit me that skateboarding’s not about what you can or can’t do or...

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A sit down interview with Lariatt Rider, Dan 'Twiggy' Reeves. We talk about good times, skateboarding, sobriety and a positive mental attitude. Photos by Scuzz and a link to Twiggy's full part, 'Blessai.'

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