Death Skateboards: At the Heart of UK Skateboarding

Death Skateboards: At the Heart of UK Skateboarding

Death Skateboards: A Brief Introduction

Death Skateboards is arguably one of the most well established British skateboard companies of all time. Founded in 1998, marking its 20th anniversary this year, we thought it was a fitting concept to provide you guys with some insight into the brand itself. After all, there have not been many companies that have had a single graphic or logo running for 20 years solid. The skull and crossbones; the iconic death symbol that has always been engrained into UK skateboarding, and quite rightly so we think. “Don’t let the bastards grind you down”. A fitting quote from a fitting brand. If we all took Owner & Founder of Death Skateboards, Nick Zorlac’s advice, maybe we’d all be in the industry for two long decades...

The name ‘Death’ itself is enough to make most parents think that skateboarding is too punk for their little baby. However, the real meaning behind the name is somewhat a mystery to most people...

 At the end of the 1970s, skateboarding reached a state of unpopularity; not many people were skateboarding anymore, which at present time seems almost impossible. The mainstream media back then proclaimed that skateboarding was ‘dead.’ Nick envisioned a company that didn’t follow fashions or trends, if skateboarding is ‘dead,’ and  we are still skateboarders; we are ‘DEATH.’

It’s a humbling thought to know that there are brands like Death who stick to their roots through thick and thin. If Death can make it through skateboarding’s dark days, then surely Walt Whitman was right in saying, “Nothing can happen more beautiful than Death.” We’re pretty sure he was referring to the UK Skateboard company and we’re pretty sure he couldn’t be any more right. Death follows its own direction; it wasn’t created to please everyone. It was created to have longevity and exist whether skateboarding remains popular or not. Death is inevitable and comes for us all in the end. In this sense, the name is quite a comforting feeling don’t you think? A company whose presence is always here with us all, for better or for worse and no matter what, always giving back to skateboarding...

The Team

Death Skateboards have always had a team filled with character and charm. A sort of organised chaos that could have a pint with your Dad, but drag him to a strip club all night after... (True story). Nick Zorlac isn’t just the owner of the best frontside wallride in the game, he has a team that in his own words ‘capture the true essence of skateboarding.’ It’s not about being ‘the best;’ it’s about having fun with your friends, which is the real underlying philosophy behind Death Skateboards.

With any skate team, people come and go over the years, embarking on new adventures. After a fifth of a century in 2018, the Team consists of 20 skateboarders... 20 years, 20 team riders, coincidence, I think not!

The Pros are as follows: Richie Jackson, Zarosh, Adam Moss, Ronny Calow, Dan Cates, Rob Smith, Dave Allen, Mark Nicolson, Patrick Melcher, Benson and the newest addition to pro ranks Eddie Belvedere. Check out the videos below to see what these guys offer skateboarding:

The AMs consist of 11 more team riders including Lariatt’s own Mark ‘Radman’ Radden & Charlie Spelzini.

The rest of the team are: Timmy Garbett, Sam Murgatroyd, Matt Pennington, Mikey Patrick, Ben Broyd, Blinky and Mike Simons. A hefty collection of riders we think, and with the upcoming video ‘Into the Void’ on the horizon, we can’t wait to see what these guys have in store for us. These dudes we’re sure have been busting their balls getting footage for Death’s newest project and the premiere will probably be one to remember at the infamous Trinity Bar in Harrow, North London, where every Death Video is christened after being edited by Mark Nicolson and squeezed out by every single rider’s body and mind.

Lariatt & Death

The beauty behind Death is that it has become a staple brand to have in every single skate shop nationwide. Without Death on the shelves, you’re not only missing out on one of the most iconic skate brands in skateboarding, you’re forgetting that Death has supported skateboarding for twenty years. The boards and apparel Death Skateboards produce are of the highest of quality, but at an affordable price. This is a true representation of supporting the working class youth, a concept that is often overlooked with some larger international brands. We’re proud to say that we work closely with Nick Zorlac and can call him a friend. With his help, Lariatt Store has become a staple part of the St Albans community and for that we cannot thank him enough. Head to the website to have a look at some of the Death products we have available and remember, before you buy, know what Death Skateboards has done to support UK Skateboarding.

Death Skateboards for life.

Written by Charlie Spelzini


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