Here's why Footprint Insoles have become a skateboarding necessity

Here's why Footprint Insoles have become a skateboarding necessity

As Footprint themselves put it, our bodies were just not designed to walk on concrete. It makes our joints sore, tired and susceptible to injury. You can multiply these effects many times if you're a skateboarder hurling yourself off/down obstacles repeatedly, or indulge in any high-impact activity. You've skated for any decent length of time and you're probably familiar with heel bruises, knee cartilage damage and impact-stressed ankle joints. So what can we do to lessen these effects? Enter the Footprint Orthotic Insole. Third-party laboratory tested and proven to be the best in the world at absorbing that impact energy.

At Lariatt, we back Footprint insoles 100%, our owners and team always skate with Footprints in and none of us would think about skating without them, the difference really is that big. This is the reason we always carry a huge range of insoles - and there are different variants for everybody whether you want specific heel or arch support. The first thing to understand is that in the same way as a fingerprint, every foot is different. This is why pre-molded insoles are not going to fit you as well as Footprint's lab-level customisation which mold to your feet over and over again.

This is an image of customer's molded gamechanger insoles, you can see the difference.

On top of protecting your body from damaging impacts, Footprint Insoles are supremely comfortable, with memory foam allowing your foot to feel the board better than any normal insole.

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