Lariatt Family: Twiggy Talks PMA, Sobriety & Good Times.

Lariatt Family: Twiggy Talks PMA, Sobriety & Good Times.

1: Your name, age… First of all, what is your actual name and where did the name Twiggy actually arise from?

Hello mate, I’m Twiggy and I’m 25 years old. Haha alright, so my name is Daniel Kenneth Reeves (Ginge and Sam are gonna love that information). The nickname Twiggy came from growing up in Hounslow and being a solid fan of skinny jeans, guy liner and skateboards from a young age. Strong look deserves a strong name I guess? I used to hate it, but whatever. Now the only people that call me Dan are my mum and girlfriend!


2: There’s no joke when we say you’re probably one of the most positive people we’ve ever come across. Got some advice for any miserable bastards out there?

Ha, thanks. There isn’t much advice really! I just try to be positive about everything I do because life’s hard enough as it is! And if someone’s having a nightmare day, it’s nice to try and make it better rather than add to the madness piling up! (Although I can see how sometimes that can be super annoying from me if you're vexing.)

 (Tailblock. Photo: Scuzz)


3: Where do you hang your head at night? Where does Twiggy call home?

So I grew up in and around Twickenham and Hounslow but a couple of years ago, I moved to Kingston with my girlfriend. It’s the best man. The spots here are cool and there’s always something goin' on! 


4: You put a part out recently titled ‘Blessai.’ Looked like a lot of fun mate. What made you want to film this part?

I had so much fun filming that!

 Sean [Churchman] did such a good job with it, thanks geezer! I guess there was two real reasons I wanted to film an edit for YouTube and that was:

1. I’d recently given up drinking and stuff, so I wanted an outlet to be myself.

2. In February two years ago I got a knee injury that really made me scared to skate so I wanted to prove to myself I could actually film something I enjoyed.

Everyone in that video and Sean especially saw me through a rough time in my life and filming with him all the time really gave me a distraction from the madness. Honestly owe that dude big time!

  (Wallride rag out. Photo: Scuzz)


5: We know you’re a big advocate on sober living mate. Do you feel good for it?

I feel better than I did when I wasn’t sober! It has a lot to do with my positivity (I still get down sometimes, I AM only human) but now it’s so much easier without drinking to cope. Justine stuck with me through thick and thin and really kept me going through that whole period which still amazes me. If you're struggling with your mental health or drinking too much or using drugs to cope with bad feelings, then reach out... life is a tough break sometimes. If you don’t know who to talk to, your local skate shop really is a safe place to start.


6: You’re a little out of the way from the immediate St Albans area aren’t you? How did the Lariatt hook-up come about? Stoked?


There was a little bit of a rejig going on with the Lariatt team I think, I’m not too sure but you [Charlie] messaged me on a Wednesday morning while on holiday asking me if I wanted to ride for Lariatt. I was stoked, I thought, maybe he messaged the wrong bloke? Haha but nah, I mean I was honoured from the day I got on. It’s been so rad, and we went on that trip shortly after and in my head I was like, let’s see how this goes and we all just gelled and now the rest is history. I love you guys and am stoked to be a part of it!

 (Beanplant. Photo: Scuzz)


7: It’s pretty clear you’re a big fan of Death Skateboards, quite rightly so. Where did the love stem from?


First video I watched was Escape From Boredom. My mate Greg lent it to me when I was probably 13 or 14 and said I’d love it (because of the skinny jeans I’m guessing). From there on out I was hooked. As I’ve got older I’ve been lucky enough to skate with a lot of the guys on the team and get to know Nick better and it’s always a good atmosphere skating with him. And of course yourself Charlie, we’ve had some serious laughs since I’ve got to know you and that’s what it’s all about to me. Enjoying yourself and pushing each other.


8: You’ve obviously been on a few skate trips over the years. Give us a couple of your best memories…


Oh mate... there’s been a few! Sleeping in the bowl in Hastings after that competition they did a few years ago in the winter was heavy. I was dressed as a knight (from the battle of Hastings) and nobody got it! We were so out of it! Macey put his head through the tent and I think PJ just slept out on the concrete in a pair of jeans and socks haha!

Or the time me and BC we’re in Barcelona and we were partying with these guys we didn’t even know and managed to get BC’s bag stolen with his passport in and all forms of ID. We were stranded in Barca for 3 or 4 days more with no luggage and literally 50 euros to our name. That one won’t be forgotten anytime soon!

But without those things you wouldn’t have stories, there’s been amazing times too, like waking up to the sunrise on top of the hill over the Midsummer Norton skatepark with all your mates you skate with all the time and thinking to yourself ‘F**k, this is what it’s all about.’


9: You went to Newquay back in August with a couple of the Lariatt Lads. How sunburnt was Ginge in the end?


Newquay was amazing! My legs felt it on that trip big time! What a trip! Ginge was super burnt. In fact his belly button appeared to be quite burnt.

          (FS blob pivot. Photo: Scuzz)


10: Hard one. Why Lariatt? What makes this shop something special?

Lariatt are a bricks and mortar shop that support skateboarders. That’s something that’s mattered to me more and more as I’ve got older. Alex really knows what he’s doing and he skates so well. It’s so rad for kids to see the owner of the local shop hooking people up and skating so well, that’s pretty special. And to top it all off whenever we all skate together it’s just like a group of mates skating, no pressure, no expectations.

11: Let’s end with a cliché. Who/ what would you like to thank for in skateboarding?

Okay so firstly I have to thank Justine for everything she’s done for me. I wouldn’t be skating without her. Mum, Dad and my family, of course Alex and Charlie for all you’ve done for me over the past few months! The Slobheads (Macey and Harry you pair of absolute legends), Sean for filming for hours on end and being patient! Amanda for all the opportunities you’ve helped me with this year, Scuz for the photos and all the support for me to give up the booze, THE GARAGE BOIZ, Scumbury Crew (for life) and finally Nick at Death Skateboards for keeping the stoke alive. Anyone I’ve missed I’m sorry! Thanks for reading this crap!



"You know mate. Friends are the family we choose for ourselves." - Twiggy.

Twiggy has been a part of the Lariatt Family for a while now and we couldn't have made a better decision. His commitment to skateboarding is something that is often overlooked today. Travelling to events no matter how far or small they may be; always giving kids pointers in skateboarding and having a general warmth like no other human being. 

Thank you for your support Twiggy. You make all of us at Lariatt super proud to have you board. Your presence on the team is not only essential for us as a store, but it really is something special. If you haven't skated with Twiggy before, please try to. His energy, positivity and attitude will be that cup of coffee you need first thing in the morning.

Thank you Twiggy, and thanks for joining the #LariattFamily

Interview by Charlie Spelzini

Check out Twiggy's 'Blessai' Part below:

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