Raft Crew Hatfield

Raft crew - Dusk tin Dawnlin video

Watch it here:

A new park edit from the crew that never stops from dusk til' dawn and dawn til' dusk. Bringing another terrible pun based title from the crew - "Dusk tin Dawnlin" (Dustin Dollin/From dusk till dawn). 

A fun and up beat edit bringing the hype and love for all! Some weird and wonderful manoeuvres followed by some absolute transition shredding to finish it all off with!

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Edit featuring: Jordan Dunn, Jed nero, Judd Otene, Benni Bujak, 
Beaver, Lskin, Jack buggins, Charlie Spelzini, Joe Piggott, Thomas Bryan, Filip Orzol, George Smith, Sarah Osman and Nathan Haycroft.

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