Spitfire Formula Fours: The truth

Spitfire Formula Fours: The truth

All Spitfire Formula Four Wheels are tried and tested by the International Team, both in their lab and on the streets. The wear testing revealed that the Formula Four Performance Urethane lasted much longer AND stood the test of time and abuse us skateboarder put our wheels through constantly...

The concept behind this formula was to integrate all the properties of high-performance wheels, without sacrificing one attribute at the expense of another OR The wheel of all wheels; the perfect wheel.

The True lasting Performance Urethane has not just a singular benefit of being a great wheel, it’s the combination of qualities, attributes and intricate detailing that provides Spitfire Formula Four with the title of a ‘truly perfect wheel.’

If that's not enough, Spitfire have released their newest shape to the mix. The 'Lock-In'- An asymmetrical shape designed for more control and accuracy. A conical cut on one side with a straight edge cut on the opposite built for precise lock in grinds! What more could you want from a wheel? The 'Lock-In' has many specifications, but these are just a few that stand out:

  • More speed and control on all surfaces
  • Unmatched flatspot resistance
  • Smooth anti-stick slide
  • High rebound compound
  • 100% true performance urethane
  • Holds shape longer
  • 99a & 101a durometer
  • Asymmetrically shape designed for Lock-In grinds.

And this is all made from Spitfire's secret Formula Four; a Urethane unlike any other.

To seal the deal and give you guys evidence on how awesome these wheels actually are, Spitfire have kindly provided us all with some quotes from skateboarders  who ride them:

“The Spitfire Formula Fours are faster, don’t flatspot, and last forever. Stoked to get a wheel that doesn’t flatspot in the first or second session.”

“The New Spitfire Formula Fours grip when you want them to, and slide extra far when you’re hauling around town. If you don’t believe me, grab a par and try a powerslide!”

 “Formula 4’s are sick! These things are like having a 4X4 on these raggedy ass streets!”

Take it from us at Lariatt, these wheels are like no other. There are sale’s gimmicks and then there’s the truth... Spitfire Formula 4s are generation-changing for skateboarding. If Arnold Schwarzenegger came back from the future looking for John Connor and all he had was a skateboard, he’d buy these badboys in an instant.

But if you’re still unsure, you can always pop in store and chat to the staff. We will show you the ins-and-outs of these particular wheels and show you truly why they have revolutionised skateboarding.

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