The Lariatt Awards 2018

The Lariatt Awards 2018

In St Albans skateboarding is situated between two important places: The Pioneer Skatepark and Us – Lariatt.  It’s a beautiful thing when we can come together and the Second Annual Lariatt Awards (11-11-18) at The Pioneer Skatepark was defiantly a day to remember. The whole of our local skateboarding community came together and dressed to impress in suits, dresses, kilts and lacy knickers (Andy Haire).


Compèred by Charlie Spelzini, the jam kicked off with a Red carpet Full Send, culminating with Kieran Waterton’s massive 13ft leap to victory. The girls comp followed and the ladies did not disappoint, Amanda Perez bagged Lady of the Park Award with a massive wallride! Lucy Winter also did it for the girls winning Nipper of the Park and Daisy Oblein winning Angsty teen award. The Waterton brother’s owned the competition with Callum Waterton scooping the King of the Park award.  

I’m not sure whether we all realise what a special thing we are part of. Skateboarding brings together people from all ages, gender’s abilities and backgrounds. We are united by a simple wooden object that offers us the opportunity to learn from each other, support each other in our victories and failures alike and build a unique community that celebrates our individuality and sense of unity all at the same time.

It was an amazing thing to have skateboarders from in and around St Albans come together to support our local skate scene. In an industry saturated with big-brands, skateboarding has become (as put by Wez Lundry for Thrasher Magazine, 2002) “a commodity of institutionalization, commercialization and ‘street cred hungry’ commercial organizations and brands”. It is important that as a skateboarding community we support our local skatepark and skateshop because without our support we will lose them.

Lariatt would like to thank everyone who came to the event for their continued support and a special thanks to: The pioneer skatepark and all the staff & volunteers who helps on the day, Charlie Spelzinie, Sara Prinsloo, Kelli Watson, Kellie Simpson, Chris Willoughby, All the brands the Supported us and most of all THANK YOU SKATEBOARDING!!


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